The Board of Education recognizes that community and parent volunteers make valuable contributions to the district’s schools and encourages volunteer participation in district programs. Further, parent and community involvement are essential components of high student achievement. The Board endorses a volunteer program and expects its professional staff to encourage and strengthen community and parent involvement in the schools.

The superintendent or designee will create appropriate procedures for attracting, screening and training community and parent volunteers. Volunteering in the district is a privilege, not a right. The district will conduct screening and criminal background checks before any volunteer is placed in a position where he or she will be left alone with a student. The district may decline the services of any volunteer for any legal reason. All information collected on volunteers will be considered confidential to the extent allowed by law and will only be used to protect the students or minimize disruption to the educational environment.

Although volunteers will provide support services, they are not substitutes for the professional building staff. Volunteers will work under the direction and supervision of district staff.

Volunteers must schedule their criminal background check through the Missouri Highway Patrol and pay for all fees associated with the background check.  Please use code 1652 when completing the registration process.  Background Check Link