High School Supply Lists

            High School Supply List

Geometry, PreCalc, Alg 3/Col. Algebra, Algebra 2, and Integrated  Algebra 2

2 inch heavy duty binder

24 pack of pencils (mechanical or #2)

10 pack of red pens

2 150 packs of notebook paper (wide ruled or college ruled)

calculator (TI-30XIIS or TI-30XS* (recommend TI-30XS))

calculators on the phone are not acceptable and will not be allowed

FACS / Health 

 FACS/health classes they need a spiral notebook and pocket folder. 

For any foods classes students will need a recipe file (notebook, binder, folder, note cards with box, something to keep track of their recipes)

Biology and  Physical Science

2 in 3 ring binder

Package of 10 tabbed dividers. 

1 package of lined paper. 


Physical Science 

Scientific Calculator